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AGENTIL and SecurityBridge to provide an integrated SAP Security Platform and services.

The SecurityBridge Platform for SAP is the world’s first, and only, seamlessly integrated SAP cybersecurity technology, addressing all SAP security requirements.

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Detect and prevent cyber attacks in real-time

SAP users are facing increasing pressure to achieve speed-security to optimize business-critical SAP applications by deploying hardening and patching, application performance, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity requirements. The SecurityBridge Platform provides real-time monitoring so that threats can be detected and remediated before harm is done.

Powered by anomaly detection, SecurityBridge quickly understands what is normal for your organization and can then identify with great accuracy when an actual attack is happening. SecurityBridge provides automated vulnerability management, so that security processes, compliance, and other “housekeeping’ functions, can be achieved with minimal effort, enabling the security team to focus on high level actionable intelligence.

This can accelerate cloud migrations and S/4HANA implementations, ensuring security on-premise and in the cloud.

Results you can trust and rely on

Actionable intelligence
SecurityBridge is powered by advanced anomaly detection, so that threats can be discovered in real-time with accuracy you can trust. Automated assessments make remediation simple. Application-layer vulnerabilities, system-level misconfiguration and code vulnerabilities are all constantly monitored to ensure ERP systems are protected and available.

Compliance management
Ensure IT controls are continually tested and validated to meet compliance requirements. Enforce policies to ensure audit approval and maintain application compliance.

Real-time threat detection
Receive real-time visibility and threat alerts that can detect sophisticated attacks. Threats can then be remediated before any harm is done. Internal and external threats such as unauthorized changes, elevated authorizations, data extraction, backdoors, cyberattacks targeting business critical applications can all be detected and triaged for remediation.

Code vulnerability management
Control and mitigate operational risks associated with custom code, application and system maintenance, transports, patching and modernization initiatives.Custom code can often harbor vulnerabilities that go undetected and for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions. Detect these vulnerabilities and harden before any harm can be done.

What can AGENTIL do for you?
AGENTIL offers SecurityBridge in Service & Audit mode: the solution is included in our SAP security audit services for the entire duration of the audit, at a flat rate. This audit can be engaged over 12, 24 or 36 months, on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. We also resell the complete solution either as licences or as a subscription and maintenance mode. Our SAP security implementation and audit services can be added to the software solution and are available  a flat rate or contract basis.

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