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The Scality offering delivers a modern, best-in-class solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional storage.

It provides high-performance, scalable capacity for data-intensive use cases.

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Add flexibility to your growing data storage

Nowadays, companies are looking for solid, easy-to-deploy storage that can meet growing data needs.

The Scality solution is a "Software Defined Storage" solution, ideal for customers who want a highly sustainable and accessible storage solution for their rapidly growing data. This distributed, scalable and peer-to-peer storage software can be deployed on a common x86 server.

With pre-validated designs proven to offer a high return on investment, the solution is simple to order, deploy and manage. Its architectural flexibility offers scalability and high performance for data intensive use cases.

Lowering your IT costs

Scality delivers more for less, lowering your capital and operating expenses by up to 80%. Use the latest hardware when it’s available. Expand with the fastest, densest models as soon as they appear.

A few key points:

- Scalable capacity

- Data Security

- Super High Resiliency

- Enterprise Cloud Ready

- Cost Effective

- Easy To Deploy & Manage

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