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Perform SAP system copies with enhanced speed.

Provide departments with test systems on demand.

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Fully automated system and landscape copies

End-to-end refresh of SAP environments at the push of a button with Libelle SystemCopy, by the software editor Libelle.

Reduce the high manual effort of performing an SAP system copy or a landscape copy. Relieve the burden on SAP Basis administrators and provide test systems with current production data. Deliver swift, consistent, quality refreshes, whenever they are needed.

Libelle SystemCopy makes it possible to supply non-productive systems with fresh production data automatically, at any time, and in a true end-to-end fashion, including all the prior and subsequent work a system copy requires.

In the age of GDPR, Libelle also offers the option to anonymize the test data, replacing the original data with 'real-appearing' data which is valid for testing and development.

What our customers appreciate most about Libelle SystemCopy


  • Simple and flexible refreshes at the push of a button, independent of individuals
  • Classic system copies and complex landscape copies
  • Out of the box support of all typical SAP environments
  • Predefined '90%-standard templates' with all the typical activities including handling of BDLS, indices, transport queues, etc.
  • Highly flexible customization options for system specific requirements