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Anonymizing personal Data in SAP and non-SAP systems. GDPR compliant.

Provide departments, external developers and consultants with anonymized test and evaluation systems containing realistic data.

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Data Anonymization of Non-Productive Systems

The construction of a non-productive system (e.g. for development, training and evaluation) poses a dilemma for the IT department: the system must contain realistic data for proper testing and QA, but it can't use the real, sensitive data.

Libelle DataMasking, created by the software editor Libelle, anonymizes sensitive data in such a way that the data no longer has a concrete personal reference but is still useable for testing and development. The test systems still have “real” and consistent data at their disposal.

This method fulfills the official requirements of general data protection, GDPR, and internal requirements on your test systems. Developers and external consultants can continue to fully access development / test systems. Training participants can train with realistic data. Analysis can be done with “real” data.

What do our customers value about Libelle DataMasking?


  • Consistent anonymization across all landscapes and system boundaries, for SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Effective analysis methods for unique and regular detection of potentially sensitive data structures
  • Predefined anonymization profiles already contain the standard attributes and methods to fullfill common anonymization regulations
  • Alternative anonymization methods available and extensible
  • Individual, definable rules
  • Automatically rebuilt indices provide correct and fast queries even after the anonymization