HYBRID technologies are the Solutions for the future...

While CORE IT is still a strong business area for our customers, the HYBRID approach is a real challenge for the market, mixing On Premise and Cloud applications, integrating different solutions through internet or internal mechanisms and providing high security policies for safe data information.

AGENTIL has specialized for the past 10 years in integrating both worlds, and delivering our own Hybrid solution portfolio through BCS (Business Cloud Services), a 100% Switzerland Cloud Solution. Available in a shared and dedicated environment, BCS can also be provided as a customer private and owned cloud solution install at your location or in our IBM Datacenter domain.

BCS is the more flexible and reliable Switzerland solution on the market, serving IBM PureFlex highest technology and redundant architecture directly to our customers, with Backup and Disaster recovery capabilities.

Our MAGIC Software is in the middle of the Hybrid Solution, able to connect your application to any other framework, inside your Datacenter or in the Cloud. You’ll be able to connect your application like SAP for example to the rest of the World. We provide SAP & Salesforce connectors or manually connect any other application without one line of scripting.

MAGIC is one of the most reliable and well-known Interface management, keeping your system connectivity safe and organized. MAGIC can be provided On Premise or through our BCS Cloud Solution.

With the Hybrid model, you’ll be able to Adapt and Improve your CORE IT to the current IT World!