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Achieve top performance and flexibility for your SAP environment with a complete SAP stack solution from HPE & AGENTIL

— in a full subscription model, from the architecture to the SAP support services, with HPE/AGENTIL Greenlake.

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The right combination of experience, expertise, and market leadership

Like many enterprises, you rely on SAP® applications to run your business. Migrating underlying databases to SAP HANA®, SAP’s revolutionary in-memory computing platform, can dramatically accelerate analytics and provide real-time insight, simplify IT, and equip lines of business with competitive advantage. SAP’s next generation ERP SAP S/4HANA and business warehouse SAP BW/4HANA applications are also built for SAP HANA, making decisions to migrate a matter of time.
While SAP HANA & S/4HANA are rapidly gaining market momentum, realizing their benefits is not without challenges and requires careful planning, important investments, and mitigating risk. To help navigate your SAP journey, look to HPE & AGENTIL as the right partners.

• HPE/AGENTIL SAP Basis & Functional Services

AGENTIL & HPE services are truly comprehensive & complementary, helping accelerate time to value and mitigate risk, and delivered with experience. Advisory services span migration assessments to architecting HA and DR. Design and implementation services span database migration and system deployment to data protection. Delivering SAP functional services through the PCOE certified support centres of AGENTIL Group will help clients’ teams to leverage their time on their projects, giving the right priority to the innovation and business activities.

• HPE/AGENTIL Greenlake

Until recently, businesses have focused on building SAP HANA platforms on-site for performance and security purposes, or explored cloud options for greater agility and cost efficiency. While both approaches offer distinct benefits, they also come with trade‑offs. The good news is that you no longer have to compromise. 

HPE raises the bar by providing an on-premises pay‑per‑use solution for SAP HANA & S/4HANA. It’s called HPE GreenLake, and it delivers all the convenience of consumption-based IT with the control, security, and performance of an on-premises solution you can evolve for future needs. 

Together with AGENTIL’s expertise & core SAP Basis/functional services, HPE GreenLake becomes a real E2E SAP HANA & S/4 HANA solution for you to achieve success, optimize expenditures, and deliver business gains across your enterprise.

HPE/AGENTIL GreenLake for HANA offers a SAP certified infrastructure, with choice of configurations - appliance or TDI, operating system, and E2E services “à la carte” from SAP Basis up to the functional area. This solution is designed, implemented, and operated by HPE & AGENTIL. 

Being the infrastructure, its support, the SAP Basis services or the functional services, get it all in one package with the HPE/AGENTIL Greenlake offering!

HPE & AGENTIL will together help you achieve success, optimize expenditures, and deliver business gains across your enterprise.

Benefits of HPE/AGENTIL Greenlake

Complete SAP stack solution
• HPE and AGENTIL are joining forces to offer you an E2E solution for your SAP workload - from HW, support, SAP Basis to functional services

• Wrapped-up in a consumption-based package, this complete stack can be consumed as-a-service and forms a highly innovative solution on the market based on the AGENTIL and HPE unique joint expertise

Faster time to value
• Complete, built-for-purpose solutions optimized with SAP-certified hardware from HPE

• Faster deployment with reference architectures and expertise from HPE & AGENTIL

Better economics
• Flexible pay-per-use model based on gigabytes used by SAP

• Up to 30% reduction in infrastructure costs with active capacity management

• Costs on par with public cloud

Proper control
• On-premises solution for security, compliance, and data sovereignty needs

• Exceptional performance with fine-tuned  SAP environment from HPE

• Less business risk and higher levels of continuity and availability for SAP HANA

Simplified IT
• SAP infrastructure & applications managed and operated for you

• Fast problem resolution with HPE & AGENTIL expertise

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