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Business Cloud Services (BCS)

A 100% Swiss Data Cloud solution hosted on an IBM Geneva Datacenter

Your IT challenges for your critical applications fall within our competence:

  • How much time do I spend managing my IT?
  • Do I have a safe backup of my data?
  • How can I get a real time adaptable solution to meet my business goals?
  • Is my data located and stored in Switzerland?
  • How can I run my business from anywhere and at any time?
  • How can I optimize my cashflow and invest in my core business?

BCS is a Switzerland Cloud plug & play solution managed by AGENTIL to help you to focus entirely on your core business.

Business Cloud Services for SAP Business One

Business Cloud Services for SAP Business One: a 100% Swiss Data Cloud solution hosted on an IBM Geneva Datacenter.

SAP Business One stored in Swiss data repository which is cloud base, safe, secure, and Swiss law compliant.

  • No investment in IT, all included in a monthly fee
  • Download your SAP Business One in a few hours
  • Fast and reliable connection via Internet
  • Secured and certified connectivity built as an application portal
  • Backup As A Service option available to access your data locally
  • Disaster Recovery As A Service option to backup your data in our Datacenter

BCS for SAP Business One is a full plug & play solution hosted in Switzerland and managed by AGENTIL.

Business Cloud Services for Document Archiving - Zeendoc

The Zeendoc solution: the easiest way to capture, index and archive your documents - Deposit by one click - One document repository for your company - Move your paper archives to electronic documents.

We deliver a turnkey archiving solution, rapidly available, with no required technical knowledge to use it.

Your office colleagues either on the road or at their “home office” have access to their stored documents through a simple Internet connection.

Business Cloud Services for Magic xpi

Magic xpi Integration Platform empowers customers around the globe with smarter technology that delivers a multichannel user experience of enterprise processes and business logic and data.

Magic Software Enterprises has a 30 years experience, millions of installations around the world and strategic partnerships with big IT leaders, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. The company is active in more than 50 countries and has 14 regional offices. The innovative and integrative IT solutions, products and services it offers are notably aimed at improving productivity and exploiting potential of companies.



Business Cloud Services for PMO

What is BCS for PMO?

Social project management is the operational foundation of a successful social business.

BCS for PMO helps to organize social collaboration around business priorities ensuring real-time coordination and visibility on resources, projects, programs, initiatives and the enterprise strategic plan.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - CRM in the Cloud

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Cloud.

  • All included Cloud CRM Solution: combines the best of Sales & Customer Service & Industry Solutions.
  • Up and running in minutes: new simplified Admin center and upload of contacts from CSV Gmail and Outlook.
  • Easy onboarding with guided product walkthroughs.
  • Start Small: start with 5 users and invite team members.
  • Grows with your business: fully compatible with enterprise offering.

Benefits :

  • Manage your customers engagements professionnally
  • Increase productivity with access to real-time business information
  • Collaborate with sales and services teams on important topics
  • Track business performance through real-time analytics

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Edge Edition: manage your customer relationship in a simple, innovative et powerful way.

Private Social Network

Social Network Platform helps improve knowledge sharing, decision-making and innovation.

AGENTIL Business Cloud Services (BCS) for Community Management is a leading social network and collaborative platform that helps you get work done from your teams. It also allows your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver concrete results.
Thanks to BCS for Community Management, decision-making is improved, productivity is increased and
time to market and business development is accelerated.

In short, BCS for Community Management meets all your needs with flexible deployment options via AGENTIL BCS infrastructure (100% Swiss Cloud).


Business Cloud Services for Community Management

Community Management is a planning and managing method of social media use. In the Web 2.0 era, Community Management is an interesting communication strategy for businesses: it enables to provide all kinds of information to customers and partners ... at low cost and without large initial investments.

At AGENTIL Media, we offer daily management - planned over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months - of your communication strategy via social media, from design to implementation and analysis of results.

We also offer you the innovative and secure possibility to integrate your Community Management activities with our Business Cloud Services (BCS) Solution. This way, your data is hosted in our Cloud 100% hosted and located in Switzerland. You can thus deploy your Community Management activity anytime, anywhere, from any device.

BCS for Community Management solution includes Project Management and Planning tools.



Swiss Box

Swiss Box is a "Swiss made" Cloud solution designed by AGENTIL.

Swiss Box is a business solution that offers a secured management system for all your content. It provides secured Cloud storage and enables files synchronization, sharing, and individual or collaborative editing of your content. With it, your employees and you can access your data from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) anytime, anywhere.

With Swiss Box, your data is 100% located and hosted in Switzerland in compliance with the rules on data protection.

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Click & Power

Faster. Safer. Better. Click & Power!

Click & Power is a the next generation Cloud infrastructure designed by AGENTIL.

It is the combination of the IBM Power Systems Infrastructure and the AGENTIL Cloud. It comes with a set of services, available on demand and for renting.