Henrique Sousa

AGENTIL Portugal

Rua Marcos de Assunção, 6
Piso 3 Sala 3.09
Pragal 2805-290 Almada
Phone: +351 30 881 3470

AGENTIL Portugal

In early 2017, Jean-François Lauri, founder of AGENTIL, is very proud to announce the creation and recent launch of our Iberian subsidiary, AGENTIL Portugal.

Near Lisbon, our offices are located in Almada, a small town on the opposite bank of the Tagus estuary. It is without any doubt one of the most beautiful views of one of the most fascinating and iconic capitals of Europe.

In the near future, AGENTIL Portugal will provide the same innovative IT Products and Services portfolio to businesses as the AGENTIL Group such as Core IT solutions and specific solutions, ERP applications from SAP, monitoring tools and other peripheral applications that can be deployed in the Cloud or in a Hybrid architecture. AGENTIL Portugal is now a full subsidiary of AGENTIL Group joining AGENTIL Geneva, AGENTIL Zurich, AGENTIL France and AGENTIL Monaco and not forgetting AGENTIL Media and AGENTIL Software.

In this regard, AGENTIL Portugal and its experts team will deploy, in the medium term, several focused development, including:

A Web division:

  • Web Design: designing and/or redesigning the Group web site.
  • Web Development: Group web site technical execution and development, administration and maintenance, and programming add-on features to meet Group demand and needs.

An IT System Management Division:

  • IT System Management: IT Resources Management in accordance with Group needs and priorities, including budgeting, change management, organizing and controlling, software design, network planning, tech support, and so on.
  • AGENTIL Group BCS Cloud Maintenance: AGENTIL "Business Cloud Services" application Management and Optimization.
  • Workplace Management: Workplace and Workstation Management; standardization, optimization and collaborative; Design of corporate identity in terms of furniture, fittings, colors, and so on.
  • Service Desk: Incidents Management and Prioritization, advice and support to internal users.

An SAP Testing Division:

  • SAP Testing: from Unit testing and Integration testing to System testing and User Acceptance testing in the SAP environment.
  • Testing on Worksoft Solutions (SAP).
  • Testing on Worksoft Solutions (Web, Salesforce, …)

An SAP Technology & Business Consulting Division:

  • SAP Technology Consulting: Strategic Consulting; innovative solutions & applications implementation for SAP systems; analyzing existing IT Infrastructure, developing and implementing optimized SAP architecture, including Cloud and/or Hybrid architecture.
  • SAP Business Consulting: Customer focused analysis, existing situation assessment, SAP for Business solutions proposal, implementation, optimization and monitoring.

AGENTIL Portugal is a solution-oriented subsidiary driven by the same values as the Group: innovation, expertise, efficiency, flexibility, quality of service, listening, proximity, availability and lastly respect for others.

Our watchwords: "Agility, flexibility, efficiency."

…and always going by the motto: “Building the future for our customers, partners and colleagues!”