Jean-François Lauri

Jean-François Lauri


Rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine 19
1242 Satigny - Genève
Tel : +41 22 595 04 04


In 2006, in the spirit of the great humanist values, motivated by alternative opportunities appart from strictly financial and short term strategies and moved by a strong concern for proximity and listening, that highlights a customized service to customers and a spirit of collaboration with his partners (customers, associates and employees), Jean-François Lauri created AGENTIL Geneva, AGENTIL Group’s first subsidiary and headquarter. Nearby Lake Leman, in the heart of the Geneva vineyards, AGENTIL Geneva offices offer a striking view of the Jura mountains. A landscape evoking fluidity, local roots and height of view that inspire the group.

With a rich professional career in international organizations, particularly US based like DIGITAL, Compaq and HP, Jean-François Lauri’s purpose and philosophy are to offer to his customer abilities, technical knowledges and professionalism of a great IT group, while deploying responsiveness, agility, adaptability and inventiveness required by his customers, Large Enterprises and SMB’s.

According to a long-term approach, focused on listening and customer satisfaction, AGENTIL Geneva starts its activity as an ERP integrator thanks to the confidence of a few prestigious customers from watch, oil and chemical industries in particular and from many other business lines too.

At that time, AGENTIL Geneva offers services and solutions for SAP, IBM and ServiceNow environments, exclusively intended for large enterprises: Systems and Database administration, audits, consulting and security services, Monitoring, Outsourcing, Project Management, Business Process Management and other products or services related to ERP systems.

In 2010 -- despite an economic crisis crossed not without difficulty --, AGENTIL Geneva however creates and develops its "SAP SMB" business line, dedicated to small and medium-sized companies (SMB). In addition to its extensive solutions range for large enterprises, it offers – and still grows - an IT solutions, products and services wide portfolio, specifically tailored for SMEs, such as SAP Business One, SAP ByDesign, AGENTIL Business Cloud Services (its 100% Swiss made Cloud), IBM Connections, ServiceNow and many other technical or business software applications, deployable on premises or in the Cloud.

AGENTIL Geneva has today a nearly 70 certified experts team - only a dozen in 2006 - and keeps to design innovative projects and solutions, in the same customer-oriented spirit as at its creation: proximity, competence, efficiency, listening and availability with the view to create long-lasting and trust-based collaboration with its clients.

It has all a great group’s qualities... agility and closeness to customers in addition!” sums up Jean-François Lauri; this emphasis on the quality of service and the recognized professionalism of its teams have convinced and still convince an ever-increasing number of demanding customers, from little start-ups to SMBs and large enterprises, active in French, Swiss, Portuguese and global markets, from any business lines.

Our watchwords: "Agility, flexibility, efficiency."

…and always going by the motto: “Building the future for our customers, partners and colleagues!”