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How it all started

Jean-François Lauri, CEO of Agentil

Jean-François Lauri


Jean-François Lauri created AGENTIL Geneva in 2006, the first of many subsidiaries for the AGENTIL Group. Located in the heart of Geneva’s vineyards, near the Lake Leman, the first ever office offers a striking view on the Jura mountains. 

Having had a rich and successful career in international companies - mostly in the US - like DIGITAL, Compaq and HP, Jean-François Lauri chose to create his own company and offer his customers his expertise, technical knowledge and professionalism. 
Just like great IT groups, he chose to listen and focus on his customers’ satisfaction while deploying certain values close to his heart, such as responsiveness, agility, adaptability and creativity. 

Even if AGENTIL started out as en ERP integrator, thanks to the confidence of a few prestigious clients (mostly Large Enterprises), Jean-François Lauri decided to expand the range of competence of the company by offering SAP, IBM and ServiceNow solution packages.

In addition to its extensive solutions range for large enterprises, AGENTIL decided to offer a extensive portfolio of IT solutions specifically tailored for SMEs, such as SAP Business One, SAP ByDesign, AGENTIL Business Cloud Services (its 100% Swiss made Cloud), IBM Connections, ServiceNow and many other technical or business software applications, deployable on premises or in the Cloud.


Today, AGENTIL has a team of nearly 70 certified experts and keeps designing innovative projects and solutions,
in the same customer-oriented mindset that has always prevailed in the company.

We value proximity, competence, efficiency, listening and availability with the will to create long-lasting and trust-based collaborations with its clients. 
« We wish to have the same qualities and competences as a great group… agility and close relationships with our clients in addition! » says Jean-François Lauri.

We put the emphasis on the quality of our services and a recognized professionalism, which would explain the ever-increasing number of customers,
from start-ups to SMBs and large enterprises worldwide. 

Our philosophy? There are no problems, just a great portfolio of solutions!


our values...

  • Agility

    Ability to think, understand and move quickly and easily.

  • Flexibility

    Quality of bending easily without breaking, willingness to change or compromise.

  • Efficiency

    Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

...and certifications

AGENTIL is certified as SAP Gold Partner
AGENTIL is certified as SAP Partner Center of Expertise
AGENTIL is an official IBM Business Partner
AGENTIL is a ServiceNow Authorized Services Partner

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