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AGENTIL delivers technical and application solutions to businesses all over the world.

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AGENTIL delivers a large spectrum of technical and application solutions (on-premise, Hybrid and/or in the Cloud) to businesses.

We offer local and global solutions from major IT key players such as SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. We also provide specific solutions as Collaboration, Monitoring, Process Management, Integration tools, ERP applications, IT architectures, IT services, Outsourcing or Project Management services.

Our highly skilled and certified experts, consultants and Outsourcing & Supports 24/7 service deliver operational or project-based activities to our customers.

Our philosophy: offering the same attention and quality of service to our customers, for a trust-based and long-term partnership.

  • agility

    Agility to think, understand and move quickly and easily.

  • flexibility

    Quality of bending easily without breaking, willingness to change or compromise.

  • efficiency

    Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Our SAP Gold Partnership


Having worked closely with SAP for years now, we are very proud to be SAP Gold Partners and to offer many of their solutions in our portfolio.

This partnership validates our competences and qualities to ensure that the very best of our services is offered when installing a SAP solution package.

Our portfolio of SAP solutions contains:

SAP BusinessOne
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Cloud Platform

... and many more.

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Latest News

Christmas at AGENTIL

December 21, 2018

Santa came early

Yesterday night, like every single year since 2006, we planned a corporate event in our Geneva HQ to celebrate the holidays with our team members and their kids.

A little cocktail was catered and we had a few drinks (non alcoholic, of course) and some festive snacks.

Christmas at AGENTIL

But that’s not all! The whole office was rearranged: desks were moved, Ethernet cables were unplugged, a Christmas tree and ornaments were installed… Our marketing team had brilliantly planned multiple games for the children, such as a race track with our Mini Tesla (too cute!), Nerf games and magic tricks! The least we can say is, the kids had fun… and so did the adults! 

Christmas at AGENTIL

Of course, Santa paid us an early visit and brought some gifts for each and every child present that day. This tradition is and always will be, close to our hearts. It creates lovely memories between our team members and their families, which is something we would love to perpetuate throughout the years. 

AGENTIL can help the Construction industry thrive in the digital era

December 07, 2018

The digitalisation of the construction and public works’ industry

This year, AGENTIL was present at the professional fair of the UNEP (National Union of Landscaping Companies) and, after exchanging with many landscape gardeners, we have realized that only a few of them were using new technologies to manage their companies. 

However, from managing stocks and materials to automating quotes, and handling projects… construction companies aren’t short on solutions to digitize some daily tasks. 

In order to support our claims, here are a few numbers found in an article from KPMG, that confirm the observations we made during the fair. 

Integrating it in the company’s strategy? 

Construction companies are slowly but surely realizing the importance of technological innovations in their industry. Proof of that is that, when asked, 78% of company owners are conscious that digitalization is going to be a big part of their work. 

AGENTIL Statistics on Construction industry 1

Business owners’ intentions go along with digitalization

But the assessment is quite clear: only a small amount of companies are fully equipped with adequate technologies! 

AGENTIL Statistics on construction industry 2

« 62% of construction companies still work with reporting systems that require a manual intervention from one of their co-workers » says KPMG 

Integrated systems, capable of exploiting the generated data, are present in only 8% of companies… 

We think that this low rate of « equipment » in the construction industry comes from the gap between the work itself and the digital world. A lack of time and maybe of interest for these new technologies would explain the hesitations that some owners would have to jump the gun. However, this step is crucial to ensure the durability and development of the company! 

If you’re still with us, we would like you to know that AGENTIL integrates management and mobility solutions, perfectly adjusted to very small businesses and SMBs in the construction industry. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us or browse our Solutions' catalog.

AGENTIL Software helps you pilot your SAP systems

November 26, 2018

Would you fly a plane with your eyes shut?

When flying, pilots need to have all the right information right away. They rely on a technical team to do the maintenance, ensure the services but still keep an eye on the most relevant metrics. Why should it be different with SAP, probably one of your most critical IT system?

Sure, no lives are directly in play but isn’t the performance of your SAP systems impacting your business? Probably even in a critical way! And isn’t there any metric, apart from the standard technical ones, which a relevant for you to pilot your ERP?

When we regroup with SAP companies about their ERP monitoring, two cases stand out: either they have an internal basis team (maybe complemented with some externals) in charge of the technical support of their systems or they fully outsource this task to a service provider. This is probably very similar to the flight industry: either they have an external service provider or the service is done by their own teams. But in both cases, you probably know that the pilot (or the co-pilot) does a visual check before every flight and the crew has all kinds of indicators about the engines in the cockpit.

Do they only trust a static report per day, summarizing all events from the last 24 hours? Do they pretend they don’t care because someone else is in charge?

In the flight industry, this kind of attitude would seem completely crazy but the ERP world, it looks like the norm! SAP pilots are driving nearly blind (or in a reactive way) and rely mostly on technical checks done by someone else. What you won’t accept even for your own car (you still have “qualified metrics” all the time in front of the driver) is common in the IT world.

At AGENTIL, we believe SAP pilots should have a full and qualified view on the systems they are responsible for everyday, every second. This is how and why we designed the Pro.Monitor solution. Pro.Monitor concentrates years of SAP management experience and can be fine tuned by your SAP Basis specialists but, first and foremost, it provides relevant metrics within the SAP Cockpit. Data are where it makes sense (in the cockpit and not only in a daily static report) and can be consumed on the fly.

SAP Basis specialists can focus on the added value tasks with the confidence they will get alerts as soon as the pro-active threshold are reached. SAP Pilots (SAP Program managers, SAP CC managers, CIO’s) can have a graphical view on the system’s health, which includes technical but also business (security, logistic, finance, …) metrics.

And the data are where they will be consumed (within the service management platform like ServiceNow or aggregated to the general IT monitoring) to ensure a complete view with a single pair of glasses and, at the same time, avoid manual data transmission. Alerting is efficient. Problem solving is including automatically all important information.

If you wish to learn more about our solution, head to and request your test drive today!

This article was written by Julian Senn, Software Business Manager at AGENTIL Group