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AGENTIL delivers a large spectrum of technical and application solutions (on-premise, Hybrid and/or in the Cloud) to businesses.

We offer local and global solutions from major IT key players such as SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. We also provide specific solutions as Collaboration, Monitoring, Process Management, Integration tools, ERP applications, IT architectures, IT services, Outsourcing or Project Management services.

Our highly skilled and certified experts, consultants and Outsourcing & Supports 24/7 service deliver operational or project-based activities to our customers.

Our philosophy: offering the same attention and quality of service to our customers, for a trust-based and long-term partnership.

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    Quality of bending easily without breaking, willingness to change or compromise.

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    Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Our SAP Gold Partnership


Having worked closely with SAP for years now, we are very proud to be SAP Gold Partners and to offer many of their solutions in our portfolio.

This partnership validates our competences and qualities to ensure that the very best of our services is offered when installing a SAP solution package.

Our portfolio of SAP solutions contains:

SAP BusinessOne
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Cloud Platform

... and many more.

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At AGENTIL, we are dedicated to the safety of our people and committed to our clients. We are a 100% remote capable company, acting for people and the planet, as we ensure that our decisions can influence the future of upcoming generations in a positive manner.

As our world evolves and digitalization becomes the way to go, AGENTIL is here to help you make a smooth transition by offering efficient and innovative solutions to improve any aspect of your company, whilst accompanying you every step of the way. Despite today’s critical situation, we are more than ready to deliver services with the same quality and attention than before and even more interaction through our modern applications and tools.

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Latest News

SecurityBridge and AGENTIL Partnership Thumbnail

January 20, 2021

SecurityBridge and AGENTIL Group form Partnership

Leading SAP security platform provider, SecurityBridge, and SAP IT security specialist, AGENTIL Group headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, have announced a partnership, to provide an integrated SAP Security Platform and services.

The SecurityBridge Platform for SAP is the world’s first and only seamlessly integrated SAP cybersecurity technology, addressing all SAP security requirements. With today’s announcement, SecurityBridge and AGENTIL will be partnering to provide their clients with a combination of an advanced security platform and a team of experts to deliver solutions to many European based clients.

Organizations understand that the probability of being infiltrated is realistically high. Many have been victims of a cyber attack, with or without awareness. GDPR, and a rising tide of stringent regulatory legislation, have increased the obligation for securing privacy data, or risk strict punitive measures. Risk assessments, audits and compliance are a key area of focus for the partnership to add value to their client services.

The innovative SecurityBridge platform provides real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, custom code scanning and, patch-management in a seamless one-stop-shop solution built on single technology layer. With real-time dashboards based on SAP Fiori, SecurityBridge is able to provide actionable intelligence that can be relied upon to make critical security decisions.

According to AGENTIL, SecurityBridge will provide a platform that delivers speed-to-security with an agile yet simple deployment. “We provide our clients with the optimum solution to meet their specific requirements, ensuring that we only recommend the best technical and commercial solutions to their needs.’’

Jean-Francois Lauri, Director of AGENTIL Group, said: ‘‘SecurityBridge offers a radical and more advanced technology than traditional security tools. We can now offer real-time threat monitoring with highly customised dashboards so it’s instantly obvious what the threat posture actually is. These results are processed through highly sophisticated anomaly detection patterns so that each organisation has a unique profile. We base our reputation on delivering the highest standard of services and SecurityBridge is a strategic complementary partner for the services we provide to our clients. Actionable intelligence that can be trusted and relied upon is critical when securing SAP ERP systems, where companies’ most valuable data is often held.’’

Threats against SAP systems are becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated.  As we’ve seen with the recent RECON zero-day, vulnerabilities can and do exist. The most effective, proven approach is to combine constant real-time threat monitoring and vulnerability management into a holistic security process’’, said Christoph Nagy, CEO of SecurityBridge.

The partnership with AGENTIL Group will be highly synergistic for both parties, as we value the expertise and excellent reputation that AGENTIL provides. This will enable our rapidly growing client base to engage in extending their security operations with a trusted service partner, and we look forward to an exciting year ahead’’.

AGENTIL ISAE 3402 standard for 2020 and 2021

November 03, 2020

ISAE 3402 standard for 2020 and 2021

ISAE 3402 is an international standard that analyzes the level of internal control of companies with respect to information technology and related processes. Compliance with this standard indicates that the processes, procedures and controls have been formally evaluated and tested and may be certified by an external body. 



ISAE 3402 is the first international standard for IT service providers. Developed in response to the need for independent standards at the international level, this standard provides an internal control system designed to improve compliance, transparency and audits of processes within service provider companies. For several years now, it has been the new international standard in the field of risk and outsourcing of services, replacing the US-based SAS 70 standard. It provides assurance on the reliability of internal control procedures for their services, but also helps to guarantee the integrity of financial and administrative processes for clients. 

The implementation of this standard enables service providers to deploy the control tools and compliance reports expected by their clients and auditors, with ISAE 3402 being the authoritative standard. By using this nationally and internationally recognized standard with a uniform reporting format, ISAE 3402 is thus mainly used by companies whose missions impact the finances and sensitive data of their clients. This is all the more applicable for IT service companies when they host or process data belonging to their customers. 

Levels of control and normative reporting 

ISAE 3402 allows two levels of control. Type 1 reports attest to the existence of a defined internal control established on the basis of the company's services. They ensure the reliability of the company's internal control procedures. For most companies, these Type 1 reports represent the first stage of what is ultimately desired, i.e. Type 2 reports. Type 2 reports attest to the effectiveness of the internal control (evaluation carried out for at least 6 months). ISAE 3402 is not a certification but a standard which therefore attests on the one hand that the company's control systems have been properly implemented, but also that the reliability and effectiveness of the operation of controls have been thoroughly tested. The ISAE 3402 report is often provided to a company's auditors in order to obtain reasonable assurance on the controls performed and to avoid the auditors having to audit this part of the company's information system. 

Protection of private and sensitive data 

Security requirements have become more stringent in the face of the increased dangers of cybercrime. The protection of sensitive data has become a key element for many customers and their service providers. Faced with regular compliance difficulties and even more restrictive standards, IT companies have become more professional through certifications or certifying standards, providing answers to market and customer challenges in this area. Faced with the increase in outsourcing practices and their technological and geographical diversity, the ISAE 3402 standard has been able to provide the necessary assurances for service providers and thus prove the existence of their internal controls when managing their clients' IT systems. 



Our group centralizes all of its financial, human resources, billing and service management processes only in Switzerland. Already compliant with the Swiss requirements in terms of data protection (nLPD) and the European legislation RGPD due to our European structures, AGENTIL started its internal control process ISAE 3402 in the year 2020, supported by an independent audit firm and a dedicated platform hosted in Switzerland. This process aims to guarantee an increased level of security and reassure our customers on the quality of our services and their compliance. This standard guarantees the transparency of our processes and information management towards our customers, reinforces trust and gives AGENTIL a real competitive advantage, in Switzerland and in Europe. 

Stages of implementation of ISAE 3402 

The first step is to introduce a platform dedicated to our internal control, and to set up 30 control points related to our specific client management activity. By the end of 2020, this will provide a solid foundation for building the final control framework expected by our clients for the year 2021. An external audit will enable the company to ensure the smooth running and effectiveness of our approach. On this occasion, our company will invest time and resources to ensure the training of its staff and its ISAE 3402 compliance. Type 1 reports will be available at the end of 2020 for the first phase and mid 2021 for all the company's processes in order to meet all the control objectives related to our activity. 

Organization and administration 

AGENTIL Group's structure allows an efficient processing of recruitment activities and ensures the separation of responsibilities on the sensitive data of our organization. The Human Resources department guarantees a uniform and secure follow-up of the recruitment processes within the group. The security controls and their history, the commitments of confidentiality of internal and external information are part of the perimeter of our internal control. 

Protection of sensitive data 

The group's offices and means of access to our clients' environments are controlled and restricted areas, monitored by dedicated and professional solutions. Different scenarios are planned to ensure the continuity of services to all our customers, through physical access at customer sites, access from our offices, and from the personal offices of our employees when necessary. Data protection is ensured on our centralized document management systems hosted in Switzerland or in the European Union for our European customers, by their encryption, that of employees' workstations, but also encrypted safes for passwords, and all the company's storage means. Internal access to the offices is limited only to authorized AGENTIL employees, with fingerprint reading in Switzerland. 

Security within the company 

User accounts to connect to AGENTIL's IT systems are unique and nominative, and are linked to a centralized identification and password policy (SSO). Microsoft security audits are activated on all the document bases, including the detection of behaviors, creation of illicit rules, etc. Microsoft performs detailed monitoring and auditing of all delegations, privileges and operations that occur within all of its applications. Microsoft 365 access control is an automated process based on the principle of minimum privileges and the integration of data access controls and audits: several hundred daily checkpoints guarantee continuous 24X7 monitoring of our document environments.

Incident Management 

AGENTIL is equipped with a tool for the administration and follow-up of all the incidents of its customers. This tool allows us to follow an incident from its submission to its closing to ensure that all problems are recorded, traced, analyzed and resolved correctly and within the time allotted to our contracts. Change management is also integrated to ensure the follow-up of projects and specific requests from our customers. 

Monitoring of hosted or managed systems 

An automatic 24X7 monitoring system permanently controls the systems of our customers in management or hosting and centralizes the events in control dashboards. This software solution is used in the world's largest customer management centers and monitors nearly 10'000 systems daily. It is actively used by our Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers in the US, Europe and Asia for monitoring, security and management of their managed customers. 
In order to achieve these control objectives, numerous controls have been implemented to cover : 
▪ The security of all environments 
▪ Infrastructure monitoring and automatic alerts 
▪ Specific follow-up operations according to customer needs 


From the service provider's point of view 

ISAE 3402 reports offer undeniable advantages to the service provider who uses them. One of the main benefits is that they provide transparency and enable the establishment of a relationship of trust with customers through independent controls and operations verified by an impartial third party. In addition, AGENTIL has chosen to equip itself with an ISAE 3402 management platform hosted in Switzerland for all its processes and control points. 

From the customer's point of view 

ISAE 3402 ensures international recognition with a recommendation of a large organization. It avoids multiple audits performed regularly by customers because of its multi-dimensional analysis, is officially recognized and gives a better image to IT service providers because of this compliance. Diagnostics are performed by auditors under a recognized standard, and the reports provide access to the provider's vital control points in the performance of its services. The reports that companies receive describe in a very detailed and transparent manner the specific controls and allow for continuous improvements but also for a specific compliance for a customer for example. Our clients can make significant savings as they can avoid sending their own auditors to the service provider. For clients, ISAE 3402 enables them to ensure that their information is managed securely and transparently, and in compliance with laws and market requirements. 

For the service provider 

ISAE 3402 is a means of demonstrating competence in establishing internal controls, differentiating oneself from other market participants and clearly demonstrating a competitive advantage. 

AGENTIL is now a Codeless Platforms partner

October 13, 2020

AGENTIL Group adopts SAP® Certified BPA Platform with Codeless Platforms

With offices in Switzerland, France, Monaco, Portugal and Singapore AGENTIL Group will deliver end-to-end integration and automation solutions to its clients via BPA Platform.

AGENTIL Group is glad to integrate Codeless Platforms' global partner community. The partnership will enable the clients of AGENTIL Group to utilise the SAP Certified BPA Platform to automate business processes and integrate SAP Business One with practically any on-premises or cloud-based applications.

Jean-François Lauri founded AGENTIL Geneva in 2006 and gradually opened many subsidiaries around the world which constitute AGENTIL Group. Today, AGENTIL Group has a team of nearly 70 certified experts and keeps designing innovative projects and solutions, in the same customer-oriented mindset that has always prevailed in the company.

Matt Lidster, Managing Director, Codeless Platforms, “AGENTIL Group is highly respected within the SAP® partner and customer communities and its customer first approach has been the foundation on which it has grown to be a top-tier SAP Business One provider. Adopting BPA Platform will enable its 70+ certified experts to rapidly create unique automated processes and integrations for its customers."

Hugues Chancel, SAP Practice Manager, AGENTIL Group, “We’re pleased to be partnering with an SAP® Certified integration and automation company such as Codeless Platforms. BPA Platform will further enable our consultants to create complex solutions rapidly whilst remaining within customer budgets. Onboarding a solution such as BPA Platform, that is widely used with the SAP Business One customer community, aligns perfectly with our customer first approach.


About Codeless Platforms

Founded in 1999, Codeless Platforms is at the forefront of business process automation and rapid application development. We have a proven track record of developing and delivering agile, flexible and robust next generation software solutions, empowering businesses to get the most from their data as well as the ability to respond to the rapidly changing business demands of today. Our knowledge of the marketplace and channel has grown in line with this development and established us as a highly experienced and reputable software company, working closely with partners and software vendors, such as Access, Epicor, Infor, Microsoft, Sage, SAP and SYSPRO. With over 450 global partners, more than 7500 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software solutions, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise. The company is headquartered in Poole, UK, with representative offices throughout the world.