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AGENTIL delivers technical and application solutions
to businesses all over the world.

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AGENTIL delivers a large spectrum of technical and application solutions (on-premise, Hybrid and/or in the Cloud) to businesses.

We offer local and global solutions from major IT key players such as SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. We also provide specific solutions as Collaboration, Monitoring, Process Management, Integration tools, ERP applications, IT architectures, IT services, Outsourcing or Project Management services.

Our highly skilled and certified experts, consultants and Outsourcing & Supports 24/7 service deliver operational or project-based activities to our customers.

Our philosophy: offering the same attention and quality of service to our customers, for a trust-based and long-term partnership.

  • agility

    Agility to think, understand and move quickly and easily.

  • flexibility

    Quality of bending easily without breaking, willingness to change or compromise.

  • efficiency

    Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Our SAP Gold Partnership


Having worked closely with SAP for years now, we are very proud to be SAP Gold Partners and to offer many of their solutions in our portfolio.

This partnership validates our competences and qualities to ensure that the very best of our services is offered when installing a SAP solution package.

Our portfolio of SAP solutions contains:

SAP BusinessOne
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Cloud Platform

... and many more.

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Product focus

All eyes on Cisco Tetration

Cisco Tetration offers holistic workload protection for multicloud data centers by enabling a zero-trust model using segmentation.

This approach allows you to identify security incidents faster, contain lateral movement, and reduce your attack surface. Tetration's infrastructure-agnostic approach supports both on-premises and public cloud workloads.

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Latest News

AGENTIL partners up with Cisco to create the Tetration workshops

February 22, 2019


When it comes to data centres, we sometimes fail to comprehend the importance of applications. This can lead us to neglect their protection when, in fact, they are a key element in driving business value.

Cisco, being fully aware of applications’ relevancy, created Tetration: a holistic workload protection for multicloud data centers. With its zero-trust model, Tetration will help you to quickly identify security incidents, contain lateral movement and reduce your attack surface.

At AGENTIL, we are very glad to be Cisco Partners and to be able to promote Tetration. We are also capable to endorse its capacity to protect both applications and servers through zero trust security policies.

Obviously, proof of a product’s efficiency should always come with a demonstration. On March 6th and 7th, Cisco and AGENTIL will be more than pleased to welcome you to the Workload Protection: Make The Invisible Visible workshop.

Two dates to attend the event:

  • March 6th, 2019 at Cisco Systems, in Rolle
  • March 7th, 2019 at the Hôtel des Bergues, in Geneva

For more information, feel free to contact Christophe Desperrier at

AGENTIL Training Tuesday SAP Business One Accounting

February 20, 2019


Discover, try and share. 

AGENTIL has decided to start a series of collective trainings regarding your ERP, SAP Business One. You will learn to make better use of your software, (re)discover its functionalities, share your user experience and deal with you personal issues. 

That’s the concept behind AGENTIL’s Training Thursdays

A team of experts will be available during a whole day to train you and teach you key points to use your ERP. 

The first workshop will take place on March 14th, 2019 at our Geneva HQ and the subject will be Making use of your financial data.

Please note that the event will be exclusively held in French.

The agenda :

  • Welcome breakfast at 9:00am, with coffee and croissants.
  • Morning: budgetary accounting with Daniel Nguyen.
  • Lunch break: buffet lunch and discussions
  • Afternoon: cost accounting with Patrick Stoeckli
  • The event will end at approximately 5:00pm

To launch this event, we ask for a 300.-CHF participation fee per person. 

Stig Wikberg, AGENTIL's new co-leader

January 30, 2019

Meet Stig Wikberg, AGENTIL's new co-leader

As the AGENTIL entities around the world continue to thrive and expand after being in business for more than twelve years, Jean-François Lauri, founder and CEO of AGENTIL Group has decided to bring a new member to the team to help him conduct the company through its growth. A co-pilot, in a sense. Therefore, we will have the pleasure to greet Stig Wikberg as co-leader of the Group starting February 1st.

Stig Wikberg, AGENTIL's new co-leader

From physics to IT

Although Stig is originally from Norway, he spent the majority of his life in Switzerland and studied physics at the EPFL in Lausanne.

If the connection between physics and information technologies isn’t quite obvious just yet, it sure makes sense when you learn more about how Stig ended up working for IBM for ten years.

As soon as he got his degree, he decided not to pursue a career in that field. Luckily enough, big IT companies were looking to hire young people who had a physics degree because these studies were considered quite broad and mind-opening.

He then got two job offers, one from IBM and one from SAP. He took IBM’s offer in the blink of an eye, as it seemed more appealing and included a crash-course in sales in Paris.

A decade at IBM and two decades at SAP

During his decade at IBM, Stig held various positions, such as head of International Organizations, development director of SAP activities at IBM, head of a major account…

When he felt like he had explored all of his options at IBM, he decided he needed a change and ended up working for SAP as head of the French-speaking Switzerland branch of the company.

The SAP office of the French-speaking Switzerland was about the size of AGENTIL today (about seventy people) and Stig enjoyed the flexibility and freedom that came with the job. It meant he could make decisions for this branch of the company without having to suffer from the complex administrative processes that these big companies usually enforce. And his office’s success was proof enough that everything was working out for the best.

On an amusing note, he met Jean-François Lauri back then, who was working for HP at the time.

While he thoroughly enjoyed his work as head of the office, he didn’t like as much becoming general manager for consumer industries afterwards. He was still getting great results from his work, but he found himself missing some kind of spark and went back to a position in sales (specifically, to sell S/4HANA Cloud), which he found to be very interesting. However, after twenty years, it was time for a change.

A new start at AGENTIL

When Stig was offered by Jean-François to become co-leader of the AGENTIL Group, he found it to be a great opportunity. Of course, his experience in the IT department and particularly in the SAP world are going to be invaluable, but he very much likes to focus on the human and social aspects of AGENTIL’s development. What he thought lacked in his later experiences, he wishes to reinforce here. He definitely identifies with AGENTIL’s human values, such as trust, hard work, communication and being a sustainable company.

Also, one of Stig’s main focus is to help AGENTIL and its clients transition where the future lies, into the Cloud. Although Jean-François Lauri had already taken the decision to go forward with this transformation in the company, it’s a long but rewarding change that should further ensure AGENTIL Group’s customers’ success, as well as its own.  

Finally, to welcome Stig properly, we would like to leave you on two of his favorite quotes from Richard Branson, which perfectly illustrate what he would like to achieve at AGENTIL :

« If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. Simple. »

« Train people well so that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t. »