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AGENTIL delivers technical and application solutions to businesses all over the world.

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AGENTIL delivers a large spectrum of technical and application solutions (on-premise, Hybrid and/or in the Cloud) to businesses.

We offer local and global solutions from major IT key players such as SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. We also provide specific solutions as Collaboration, Monitoring, Process Management, Integration tools, ERP applications, IT architectures, IT services, Outsourcing or Project Management services.

Our highly skilled and certified experts, consultants and Outsourcing & Supports 24/7 service deliver operational or project-based activities to our customers.

Our philosophy: offering the same attention and quality of service to our customers, for a trust-based and long-term partnership.

  • agility

    Agility to think, understand and move quickly and easily.

  • flexibility

    Quality of bending easily without breaking, willingness to change or compromise.

  • efficiency

    Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Our SAP Gold Partnership


Having worked closely with SAP for years now, we are very proud to be SAP Gold Partners and to offer many of their solutions in our portfolio.

This partnership validates our competences and qualities to ensure that the very best of our services is offered when installing a SAP solution package.

Our portfolio of SAP solutions contains:

SAP BusinessOne
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Cloud Platform

... and many more.

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Latest News

AGENTIL went to the Salon Progiciels

October 31, 2018

Increasing your company's productivity in the digital era

Events and fairs are a whirlwind, honestly. They demand a lot of time and energy, whether you’re on the fair comity or marketing team, but if done correctly, they can be very rewarding. Most importantly, they’re the best opportunity to showcase your expertise to a select crowd which most likely shares the same interests as you. 

Last year, the AGENTIL team already participated in the Salon Progiciels in Annecy - which is a fair dedicated to innovative software packages and performance enhancements - and they got to live a great experience, running a booth, meeting prospects and future clients. Proof that this was a beneficial experience was… we decided to participate this year as well! 

On October 11th, in the early time of day, the AGENTIL France team (Christophe Dantin, Maxime Gandy and Carole Lacroix, from AGENTIL Media) headed to the event’s location to add the finishing touches to the booth and have a little team meeting going through the program one last time, before heading to the welcome party. 

The event’s theme was The performance equation: agility + digital + lean, which indicates that the aim of this fair was to have business owners confronted to the fact that companies need to be much more agile and turn towards Lean. Indeed, this new era of the digital industry needs for companies to adjust, in order to achieve higher performances levels and stay on top of the market.

The AGENTIL France team was present to demonstrate our expertise as ERP integrator (SAP BusinessOneSAP Business ByDesign and S/4HANA) and got to meet potential customers all day long. 

Multiple workshops and conferences were available for visitors and Christophe Dantin hosted a workshop on How to manage your company to gain productivity? He demonstrated that ERP systems are the way to go to if you wish to grow a modern business, relying on a reliable system to host and gather your company’s information, boost and improve your productivity. 

Indeed, ERP softwares have come a long way since their first appearance in the industrial world in the 90's. If they use to be a way for manufacturers to improve the inventory management and supply/demand issues back then, they can now be useful for any type of company, big or small, to ease the internal processes. At AGENTIL, we believe each business is unique and, therefore, should have a unique system to work with. That's why we offer modular ERP systems so that employees can work only with the specific modules they actually need, increasing their productivity and the company's safety.

If you wish to discover which ERP would help your company transition into the digital era, don’t hesitate to have a chat with one of our experts!

AGENTIL was at the Salon RH

October 29, 2018

Digital collaboration and new work methods

On October 3rd and 4th, AGENTIL was very glad to participate in the HR fair (called Salon RH in French) in Geneva. The goal of this event was to create a meeting point for all HR professionals, offering a global vision of the market on all innovative human resources products and services.  During two days, it was reported that more than 2500 visitors came to the HR fair to see the 160 exhibitors and assist to one of the 130 conferences. AGENTIL was delighted to run a booth with a few members of the team and Roger Haenggi, from IBM, to meet the public and present its very own innovative solutions.  Jean-François Lauri, CEO of AGENTIL Group, held a conference regarding digital collaboration and new ways to work. Indeed, digital transformation changes the way people work together by ruffling up the classic work dynamics we all know and offering employees new ways to be efficient in their daily tasks and team projects. If the idea of making an employee more efficient during his/her working hours can mainly be seen as a productivity issue for the company, it should mostly be considered as beneficial for the employees’ motivation. Getting to your goals quicker and in a more efficient way, spending less time responding to emails, not struggling to find corporate resources anymore, not waiting around for a colleague’s response to get the document you urgently need to finish a task… all of these (big) little things can greatly improve the way you feel about your work at the end of the day. Truly, it can increase morale more than you would think.  During his conference, Jean-François Lauri presented the latest fully customizable community work solution, called IBM Connections. At AGENTIL, we are able to customize this collaborative work solution with your company’s visual identity to make it feel like ‘home’ and make your use out of it that much more enjoyable. If you wish to learn more about what IBM connections can transform the way your teams work, communicate and manage projects, contact us to start your very own digital transformation!
Woman in the Loop, women in tech and IT

October 05, 2018

The place of women in Artificial Intelligence and IT

On October 2nd, the AGENTIL team participated in a very coveted conference in Geneva organized by Impact IA, called « Artificial Intelligence: towards a nomadic form of Work? ». Indeed, AGENTIL Group chose to sponsor a particular workshop during the event: « Woman in the Loop ». What was it all about? 

As a representative of women in tech and our very own innovation specialist, Sarah Bouhnick was asked to be a participant during the workshop. During the preparation phase before the actual event, the conversation rose in the AGENTIL Geneva offices about what being a « Woman in the Loop » actually meant.

Two major points were debated: 

  • the clear under-representation of women in the tech world, 
  • the place of the ‘feminine’ part in the process of human represented forms of AI.

This debate pointed back to Sarah’s exchange with Andre Guillen, marketing director of the Impact IA Foundation, as he interviewed her regarding Artificial Intelligence and a woman’s place in this still very masculine industry. 
You can watch Sarah's interview here.

For the workshop and conference, the AGENTIL team gathered a few members, including Sarah (of course), Jean-François Pietri (Transition Manager and Senior Consultant) and Carole Lacroix, head of the marketing department of AGENTIL Media

As the event began, experts, journalists and Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti - Impact IA’s Managing Director - asked Sarah to join the press briefing, so that they get to the core of this event’s topic. They were joined by another one of the event’s sponsors, Visium, that debated on « Innovation and Entrepreneurship ».

A few minutes from the beginning of the press briefing, a journalist from the AGEFI newspaper asked Sarah «Why ‘Woman in the Loop’? Why this specific topic? » And the answer was quite simple: women need to take part in modeling the future and a part of this discussion. 

The briefing was neatly organized in little groups of twenty AI experts and journalists, discussing all subjects of the event’s conferences. As it ended, the public entered the event and took place into little workshops to contribute to the brainstorming of these same topics. 

Woman in the Loop

« What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? » a woman asked. And the truth is, it’s a hard definition to give. « I believe that Artificial Intelligence doesn’t really exist yet. We’re more about intelligence of artificial things, if I can say so. That’s why I think we need to bring more women to the table and offer a different vision of this topic » Sarah answered. 

The debate continued with plenty of great arguments:

« I like the idea of a new societal organization, we need to re-think the word ‘relationship’ today, as the definition just might be transformed with and through technology. » 

« What if we didn’t need to work anymore? » - « But human beings will want to work in order to still have some sense of a social status and place in society » 

« What if it were a new society model? » - « Sure, but society is afraid of new ways of thinking. » 

As the debate went on, Sarah’s conclusions were that a woman’s place in the IT world isn’t really the subject. It’s more about redefining what is today’s reality but could be completely redefined tomorrow. But some questions remain unanswered for now: do we really need to add gender to the conversation, apart if it’s to push equality into our new societal constructions? Are we going to continue giving human characteristics to the technological lives we create? Will Artificial Intelligence always be influenced by humans, or can it become independent at some point? 

If you wish to discover AGENTIL's progress on AI solutions, come chat with us through the contact button on your right!